If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it.

This is just something I need to remind myself everyday!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Things getting better

So as I write this I am sitting at home. The kids just opened their first night of Hanukkah gifts and I am less stressed. This last week I blew a fuse to my house so I am without electricity in one part of the house. I was in my woes big time. To top it off my phone just decided to stop working so for one week I was without a phone, all this while trying to apply for jobs. Then something amazing happened; I started to work with the Sun God and bring more masculine energy into my life and surprise, surprise life began to get lighter, really! I see more than ever that I have to allow more light into my Scorpio nature.

I started working with the sun when I realized that I was drawing too much water and moon into my magic. I believe that Dorothy Morrison's book: Everyday Sun Magic (which sat on my shelf for over a year), has been most helpful in pulling me out of my funk. Also the tremendous support of my coven brothers and sisters has been indispensable in helping me see I am not alone. Gratitude is the most powerful magic right now as I face so many changes in learning at the right old age of 43 how to grow- up.

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