If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it.

This is just something I need to remind myself everyday!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Working on the Process

So Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and peaceful ushering in of the year. For me this not only feels like I am bring in a new year but also some new changes as well, and it seems that the universe is supporting these changes. This last year has brought many challenges I have to the best of my ability, met each challenge as it occurred in my life. And now it is the time for working out the fine details. I have a Spell project I will be doing all year. I have come up with two ideas so far to help me keep my goals on track.

Keeping Silent: This is part of the Four Pillars of spell work and for me, pagan life. i have learned that one needs to learn to keep quiet about whatever workings they may be doing. There are several reasons I have found for this. One, your spell working loses power as you share what it is that you are doing. It is like the energy raised and contained begins to slip out like a balloon that is leaking. The second reason, there may be some even other pagan friends or others, that may not support the change you want to make and will say something to you about it and you may individually begin to doubt yourself. That is the fastest way to lose the power and intent of spell work.

Since I am working on silence, I have decided to share some of the things I can, which leads to my second item:

Sabbat Tree
: For each Sabbat I will be decorating a makeshift tree, one of my coven sister's gave me. It is awesome, it is in a wine carafe with long twigs. So I thought for Imbolc I would tie personal accomplishment to it... how it works.

1. Each day I spend one hour working on whatever goal I have ( housecleaning, job hunting, bills, taxes).

2. After I am done I write what I did and how I felt on red ribbon and tie it to the tree.

I am excited to see the results, hopefully by then I will know how to upload pictures to my computer:)

Have a Blessed Day,

Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a day and Happy New Year

Today has been weird. I woke up in a funk, just could not shake it. This seems to be my problem a lot lately, and I am having a hard time shifting the energy. Good things happened today for that I am grateful. One of my coven brothers picked me up and took me to lunch and then we went to our local pagan shop Northern Winds and he did a little shopping. He bought me some Amber resin, which is so uplifting - love it! From there I went to get a food box, yes I said food box. It is hard to admit that I am this broke but I am, I have never been in this place before but I keep trying to be hopeful that the right job, one that I will be a good fit for, will be here soon. Anyway the whole experience was harmless to my soul and I now have food.

My best friend came over with more groceries and we shared a laugh. This is how this day has been. I am very grateful that I have people who are helpful but not trying to rescue me. It gives me hope that others believe that I will be able to lift myself up and be the stronger for it. As this year comes to an end I want to wish all four of you and anyone else out there a very blessed New Year as well as a safe night. As for myself I will be finishing up my bedroom, washing clothes, and doing some spell work tonight to prepare for ritual tomorrow.

Tonight's Goals:

1. Clean bedroom
2. Make herb blend for ritual tomorrow
3. Do spell work
4. Bless my new dream journal and day planners
5. Wash as many loads as possible before midnight
6. Make a pot of tea in my Russian tea pot
7. Take a cleansing bath
8. Get grateful

Until next year; blessings,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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I Get it, already!

So as you know I am cleaning my house. It has taken two days to do my kitchen, which with the size of my house is really way too long. But I am in this for the lessons, which are plenty today. I woke up Saturday to a moldy frig. It was gross!!! I had my electricity go out on one side of the house and had to wait until I had the money to pay for it. I guess my frig with it being closed got a case of the moldy oldies. Anyway that took forever to rectify and get cleaned up. My lessons are so clear, many folks which I love wanted to help me out but I had to say no. Several years ago a friend told me something that has stayed with me forever and now I am applying it to my life. "People can only help you grow so much before you have to become responsible for yourself".

Let me to you, it has taken a long time for this to happen. But as I work with the Sun God and my Warrior Goddesses I am seeing so very clearly that I have to learn how to walk the path. Today has been no exception. The frig was cleaned out and bleached- sorry but when mold is concerned I fall on strong cleaning supplies. I cleaned the rest of the kitchen and set up my altar leaving a space for Hestia, when I can afford to buy a statue. For now I have some wonderful images of her I will put in a frame. All I have left to do is sweep and mop. Then I will bless the space and be set to go.

As I explore the warrior aspect of my self I see so clearly that I have to get my house in order before I can go out and battle whatever causes I am to fight for.

For me the kitchen represents the 1st Chakra and if I am not able to feed myself or my children then I will be of no use to anyone. It is the first step to truly taking care of myself.

In the kitchen I burned my Red Candle, Burned juniper and white sage for music I listened to Billy Holiday on vinyl.

Thanks to all of you that are following me, it gives me support to keep going.

Blessed Be,

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

challenging today

I am still in the kitchen and it is challenging. I have so much to do before the new year and I am ready to be done cleaning. I still have two more rooms to do and cleaning of the entire house once they are done. Then two altars to set up (which will make me happy:) then I can begin my spell work for the year. I am ready to put this all behind me and just keep moving forward. I will have some things to share about my path this week as well.

1. Becoming the Warrior
2. The Four Pillars
3. Prosperity

I am hoping all is well