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Saturday, December 12, 2009

This will be short, maybe -I am beginning the energy shift. My life is in a funk and I have to find a way to climb out of it. So I am cleaning, putting some music on the old I pod ( it is truly old it is a mini)! And starting in the living room. I wont be posting pictures for it because if anyone saw it they would have to take me away. The reason for this is that many years ago I was called Martha Stewart by those near and dear to me and now I live like a bad episode of COPS.

The reasons are too numerous to explain but I have them and I want to shift them. One of the issues I have is cleaning makes me angry, again I have a reason for this. Once I get a job I will be paying my therapist soo much money, until then magic. I have come up with a way to deal with my anger using the tools of the spirit.

1. light incense - one that will be used as I do each room. I am using one that is a blend for Isis. I will burn it on the charcoal.

2. Eat- I tend to be in better spirits with food in my belly, and since I have been starving do to lack of funds I understand now how hunger can really screw with your reality.

3. Play festive music - Pagan or anything that makes me smile. Also I have a vinyl player so I can put on tons of oldies but goodies.

4. Have my boys help- give them each five chores to do and then leave them alone when they have finished them.

5. Supplies, supplies supplies,- Have everything I need to clean in one place

6. Move whindershins- change the energy on way and bless it the other way.

7. burn on candle to use for the whole house - This is a red house blessing candle as I clean each room it will go with me.

8. Make peace with my flipping gnomes- Have issues with these guys but it is time to meet at NATO

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