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Friday, December 25, 2009

The Princess and The Frog

This morning I woke up ready to go see Avatar. I saw the previews and was blown away, but as I scrolled down the last listing of movies was The Princess And The Frog. One of my coven sisters told me it was coming out and I thought why not, it's not everyday a African/American gets to be a princess. Was I surprised!

Growing up I was taught and told that men where no good and only whites could have it all. To my birth families surprise I was later adopted by a white family, but by then my belief systems about my beauty and goals where set. I never understood the importance of fairy tales and how they could relate to my life. Of course with my birth family I read extensively books on, empowerment and fighting the "cause" but never was I allowed to see myself as someone who deserved love just for loves sake. As I grew up, I had my secret shame of "chick flicks" but in contrast,I never realized that they where just grown up versions of the archetype of the young princess, the maiden aspect of the triple goddess.

I cried from start to end and I felt so many things. First being pragmatic, I thought Walt Disney productions did an honest job of telling the truth of race in our country with regards to privilege and social class. Secondly, the story was unique and fun. However, the most important thing that I felt was a sigh of relief that, yes I can be a Princess and that love is possible even if you have nappy hair:)

It may seem like a lot to lay on a movie, but at my age to get the lesson that fantasy is as important as reality was worth it. So as I go about my day I will think and ponder about women my age regardless of race who where never taught or told that they were a princess and wish them as well as myself -faith. I firmly believe with out that aspect of the maiden we will be stumped somehow in our growth. And to tell the truth I am exhausted always running from the thought or even the notion of someone being there for me.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday, I don't celebrate Christmas, but if you do I hope it is blessed and that you are honoring the maiden part of yourself because she is a Princess.

blessed be,

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