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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Living Room Done

So I finished the living room yesterday.I am proud of myself ( I have to acknowledge my growth no matter how small) I had only a small part of it to do, but that seems to be my hang up; follow through. I have this ability to get most of the way done with something and then just quit it. I do believe that this is changing, I have lived a certain way for many years, and I just don't want to do it anymore. I don't know if it is too late, I would like to think not. I think and believe that a person can have many chances to adjust, fix, or alter a belief that is held from a place of hurt.

Yesterday was good, I played two vinyls while I cleaned: Journey: Escape & New Order: Lo-Life. When I was done I swept again and then began to bless the room I did this as follows: I started in the South going doesil blessing each window by making a banishing pentagram and putting rosemary oil on each corner of the window frame( I only used a small bit from my finger) I did this to all the windows plus the door.

Next I faced east and began to claim the room as safe and blessed. The energy feels better to me today. I have to start another room which one I don't know, they all need it. I have to keep positive, and truly test my belief about change: Which is, that in order to change something, one must first understand what it is that needs to be changed, and how this change will impact their life on every level.

Have a blessed day,

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